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CASA PUEBLO housing project

CASA PUEBLO housing project

YEAR: 2012

Authors: Vladimír Vršanský, Michal Vršanský, Zuzana Nágelová, Branislav Hantabal

Existing conditions on the site were essential when determining the initial design of the house. Drawing the inspiration from an irregularly shaped building plot and a sloped terrain, the architectural proposal resulted in a dynamic outline visible both in floorsplans and elevations. Through playful arrangements of the apartment units within the resulting irregular volume both the desires of the investor and the requirements of the local building regulations were met. 

Thus, despite a rather small size of the plot, the house has three spacious apartment units to offer, each with its own private garden. Surrounding the plot are farmlands and vineyards which are gradually being transformed into building land with luxurious residential developments. The entry into the individual apartments is from a central atrium around which they are structured. The walls of the atrium are slowly being covered with vines, so typical for the area. Each apartment unit is vertically displaced in relation to the neighboring one, thus generating thrilling spatial connections. A roof of one unit serves as a terrace of another. Some sections of the terraces are designed as intensive green roofs and along with the private gardens provide an extra dosis of green for the house. They overlook the surrounding hills and the city underneath. The individual apartments are typologicaly similar. All have a large living and dining area, which faces a private garden with a swimming pool. The upper floor of each unit comprises a study room, bedrooms, a closet and extra bathrooms. The largest of the apartments is a luxurious space with its own private elevator, which connects it to the underground garage. To avoid columns in the apartments’ layout, a concrete monolyte was proposed for the construction. The apartments share a common underground garage with eight parking spaces.